Carsten Buttchereit aka Buttschy is an up-and-coming music producer and DJ specializing in electronic music. Inspired by the legendary EDM producers of the 90s, he started producing his own tracks early on.
Buttschy specializes especially in psytrance with synth and vocoder and works hard to develop his unique sound. His tracks are characterized by complex arrangements and catchy melodies, which he cleverly combines with the beats and basslines.
Although he is still at the beginning of his career, Buttschy has already released several tracks. His music is appreciated by fans and critics alike and has earned him a growing fan base.

Buttschy's goal is to keep refining his sound and improving his skills as a producer. In parallel to his releases, he is studying sound engineering at Hofa and is convinced that he can still achieve a lot in the EDM scene and is working hard to make a name for himself.

Despite his ambitions and ambition, Buttschy has remained humble and values contact with his fans and other musicians. He is always looking for new challenges and gets inspired by others to further improve his sound and skills.

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