Chroma Neon

With their debut single "Dancing in the Rain" Chroma Neon have a clear sign set for the course that the North German veterans would take.
Their music is classic synth-pop from the 1980s, which is explicitly aimed at care was taken not to sound very modern. Rather, it's about the spirit and the mood, a time that stood out from a relatively monotonous, gray epoch with bright colors and colorful music.

The foundation stone for their music career was laid at an extremely unfavorable time, but a pandemic cannot break the will of the two protagonists.

Now the two are presenting their first album "BETWEEN MAN & MACHINE", with which they should consolidate their burgeoning reputation as one of the most exciting must-hear talents on the German synthpop scene!
Green not only has an extraordinary voice but together with Blue also has an excellent feeling for songs and melodies, which are recognized as direct imports from the 80s. With their direct and heartfelt manner, Chroma Neon understands how to cast a spell over their audience.

With songs like Don't stop running or Keep the faith, the northern lights pick up their fans emotionally and in an incomparable way and let them go on a journey through time. A fascinating journey with which the band brings a little color into the gray and dreary everyday life of people.

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