Born in 1979 far, far away from the small town Bad Waldsee in the big city Semipalatinsk in the former USSR. He started his musical career almost in diapers :-)

At the age of 11, he finished music school and at 13 he gave "concerts" in the play yard on his acoustic guitar. At the age of 15 1/2, he moved to Germany. At 17 he played as a keyboardist in the Russian band "Kapris". After one year he decided to write his own songs and founded his first band called "Lean Back". But that went totally "in the pants", because the rest of the band members didn't want to produce their own songs.

In 2001 he joined the band "The Murderous Mistake" as a keyboardist, songwriter, and singer/guitarist, while the band was busy recording the album "Access Denied".

In 2002, in parallel, he created the project "Keep Distance" (Russian Dance/Trance Music) and gradually set up the home studio "Keep Distance Studio". He is also busy with the trance project "Gagaryn" and the Breakbeat project "Robot & Cry".

In 2006 he successfully produced his first own album "Keep Distance - Kruteischen" in his home studio. In this studio were also produced the albums "Undefined" Manifest "and "Re/Load"" were recorded, mixed, and mastered by TMM. As a result, his responsibilities at TMM expanded - programming and recording were added. In 2020 he started his solo career as Wol-Demaar and began to produce trance, Chillstep, and other electronic products :)

2021 he participated in a remix contest of Thomas Foster and DJ KC and came on the podium (3rd place), where he met Michael Scheuch and Luca Hellenthal, and "Die Drei von der Tankstelle" founded a project called OFF THE CHAIIINS (OTC). The first track is called "Out of the Chains" (Release 18.03.2022). Besides, also the head should not chill and a study as an audio engineer had to come. Thanks to HOFA it is also possible to realize goals and dreams.

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