What is mastering?

Mastering, actually pre-mastering, is the final step in the processing of audio material before it is put on a sound carrier, for example. The audio material at hand gets a better quality and the playback compatibility should be enabled on many devices.

Our support

We have made it our business to prepare your material and finalize it for possible duplication. My mastering chain takes place on a digital level. Through computer-aided software, we are able to bring the warm analog touch to your recordings. Besides the classic stereo mastering, we also offer the so-called stem mastering. With this type of mastering, your mix is divided into individual groups (tracks), such as vocals, rhythm, lead instruments and effects. This makes it possible to process the respective signals even more intensively and to achieve corresponding results.


Delivery of your mix

Ideally, the mix should be in an uncompressed data format.

Attention should be paid to this:

  • no limiters or mastering plug-ins that apply limiters/maximizers
  • leave a headroom of -3dB (headroom)
  • 24-bit audio file or higher
  • sample rate of 44.1 kHz or higher

In which format do we deliver the mastered mix back?

Unless otherwise agreed, we return the finished master in audio CD format (16-bit, 44.1 kHz). We can also deliver other formats upon request.

Is there also a mixing service?

We are happy to take care of the mixing for you. So already during mixing we pay attention to highlighting important frequencies, to interference signals, and to a balance of volume and stereo width.

Satisfaction is our concern

If you are not satisfied with our work, we will create alternative versions/corrections, depending on the package. Let us know what you don't like or what should be different. If you are not satisfied with the final result, you will get your money back.


Request your free test master!

The requirements for mastering are very diverse. Our promise to you is that we work in fair conditions and guarantee individual support for your product! We will be happy to put together a package tailored to your needs.

Do you want to publish your work through us? Then we will do the mastering for you for free!

Here are our standard packages

Package "Stereo Mastering

  • Mastering stereo track
  • Two corrections
  • Delivery within two days
  • 85 Euro incl. VAT

Package "Stem-Mastering

  • up to 4 stems
  • Two corrections
  • Delivery within two days
  • 125 Euro incl. VAT

Package: "Mixing & Mastering

  • 8 track mix
  • Two corrections
  • DDP image included
  • Delivery within four days
  • 300 Euro incl. VAT

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