What do we offer

Digital sales

As a label, we ensure that your music is published on all popular platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play, Beatport and Co. Here we work together with reliable digital distributors.


In addition to the distribution of the music, we take care of the promotion area such as introducing your music on radio stations, submitting to playlists of the respective platforms and editorial work.

To become the promotion of your music more effective, we have developed software for link generation. Here you can draw attention to your publication with a short URL, without having to look for the links to the platforms themselves. Our link system is optimized for PCs and smartphones.

Example link: https://lnkls.de/0a1fc816

Mastering Service

The mastering will be done on request. You incur no costs. The finished master will be provided to you without any additional charge by means of error-proofed DDP images.

Management Tool

The management tool is also an in-house development. Here you can see all the information about your publications, browse the DJ Pool, and update your data.

Here is the complete functionality of our tool:

  • View publications
  • Download promotion information
  • DJ pool access
  • Download MP3 files of the respective publications in the pool
  • Artist Management
  • FAQ section
  • Everything about the DAW
  • Tips and tricks for mixing
  • Information about Mastering
  • Everything about Lakeshore Studio Records
  • Access to our RESTful API

Interfaces / APIs

If necessary, you can retrieve all the information about our interfaces and import into your system. Detailed interface documentation can be found here:

Interface documentation


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